Better Expert Evidence
We don’t think “because I said so” is nearly good enough. The court deserves better expert evidence. Our multidisciplinary team are internationally recognised, widely published leaders in investigating vehicle, roadway, workplace, and public liability incidents. Our opinions are based on meticulous analysis of all the evidence using sound scientific principles, and backed by cutting edge research. We provide clear, robust and reliable expert opinion, reports, and testimony without fear or favour.
Our People
Our alliance is comprised of engineers and scientists with over 100 years combined experience and an exemplary record of achieving safety outcomes in the real world. We advise national and international standards committees and lead major research projects. We are experts who are unbiased and work on all sides of the law: private & public, plaintiff & defence, criminal & prosecution.
Dr Raphael Grzebieta
Over 35 years experience investigating incidents/collisions & over 300 publications in safety-related engineering.
Dr George Rechnitzer
30 years expertise in forensic & safety engineering, road & workplace accident investigation & collision reconstruction and provision of expert reports for liability support.
Mr Keith Simmons
Extensive experience in road, fleet and vehicle safety management and research, including crashworthiness, safety standards, vehicle selection and suitability for service.
Ms Tia Gaffney
With a background in mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing, and over 17 years experience investigating roadway & workplace incidents.

Emeritus Prof., Road Safety, UNSW Transport & Road Safety Adjunct Prof. Forensic Medicine, Monash Univ./VIC Institute of Forensic Medicine
P: 0411 234 057

Director, George Rechnitzer & Associates Adjunct Assoc. Prof. UNSW Transport and Road Safety
P: 0418 884 174

Director, KND Consulting
P: 0439 404 901

HINDSIGHT Forensic Engineering

P: 0415 984 519

What we do
Our alliance of forensic and safety experts work rigorously to provide you with better expert evidence for:
Collision Investigation
Accident Reconstruction
Litigation Support
Workplace/Plant Safety
Incident Analysis
Public Liability
Injury Causation
Vehicle Crashworthiness
Road Safety
Expert Witnesses
Forensic/Safety Engineering
Experience that speaks for itself
Our people have contributed an enormous body of work across a range of disciplines with real world safety improvements and outcomes.
> Years combined experience
> Published works
> Presentations
> Reports written
We have worked with:
Our clients include Australian and international state and federal Governmental bodies, leading lawyers, insurers and private companies:

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